O₂ is the home internet provider in Germany, which not only offers the greatest Internet availability, but also all available types of internet access technologies – from normal DSL connections to 5G-based WiFi and up to super-fast fiber optic Internet. In short: O₂ has the right internet for every home. To show that, we created a house that stands for every home in Germany: The Every Home. A house that represents all ways of life and the most diverse architectural and building styles that are typical in Germany – from simple to noble, from urban to rural. A total of over 100 different homes under one roof. We brought this iconic and imposing building to life in an impressive 3d render which was used as main communication motif and a cinematic film, where our protagonist, a pizza delivery girl, is supposed to deliver a pizza to the top floor. What follows in the film is an adventurous journey through the Every Home. On her way up she meets different residents who use the O₂ Internet in their own way – and walks between different daytimes.

Each member of the team had a clear role during the development of “The Every Home” Campaign for O₂ Deutschland. To develop the art direction part, I worked in coordination with Pavel Bondarenko & Felix Ebell to successfully bring The Every Home to life.

This project resonated well with my background of having studied architecture and I fully enjoyed the process of supervising the build up and rendering process of the megastructure for the main key visual – to have a coherent architectural impression in the end without compromising on realism and plausibility.

While being the agency’s creative in the grading process of the film, the biggest challenge next to the director Rodrigo Saavedra, was to balance the look of different homes she passes from exterior to interior and how to treat different lighting situations from day to night, while climbing up to the top. The result is a Wes Anderson-Esque ad which reveals neighbors’ interior lives in a fantasy apartment building.

Lars Holling.  Leif Johannsen, Patrick Matthiensen, Daniel Steller, Pavel Bondarenko, FELIX EBELL, THERESA FECHLER, Philipp-Morten Gohla, Kroschewski Saskia
Telefonica Germany


Rodrigo Saavedra