Today’s MINI models offer more than just an efficient, creative way to get around. They are technology packed with state-of-the-art safety and comfort features. This is well known to MINI drivers, but not so well known to people outside of the car’s fanbase. So, we tried to create a visual experience to make MINI appealing even for other car fans who might not be familiar with its heritage and what the brand truly stands for: an urban lifestyle with maximum experiences in a minimalistic space.

Design thinking:
MINI has stayed true to its roots: a simplistic, iconic design with outstanding longevity that inspires fans to this day. We tried to use what makes the brand timeless and unique, to create a feature communication built from the iconic MINI logo’s wings. We turned those stripes into versatile design elements to communicate the new features and assistants, as simplistic and iconic as the car itself.

Reducing content as much as possible in order to reach its essence. Giving meaning to the logo wings. Figuring out how we could describe each of MINI’s features in the most simplistic way. Making the visuals self-explanatory and consistent.

Favorite details:
Making rather complex features easy to grasp where before they may have been hard to understand. Nowadays, too many car brands add hard-to-get terminology and detailed, explanatory visuals. We went the opposite way, embracing what the iconic MINI is all about.

New lessons:
There is always a way to reduce things while making the concept even stronger.

APRIL, 2021
MINI “MINImalism” campaign

Communication Arts – Exhibit in July 2021

MINI’s Iconic Wings Go Minimalist for Timeless Design Campaign

Little Black Book – Creative in June 2021

MINI ‘Minimalism’ campaign

Marcommnews – newsroom, June 2021